Adult Industry Choice Awards

The 2022 AICA Gala Night will be held on Thursday 26 May 2022 at The Star Sydney.

The Adult Industry Choice Awards is an awards event showcasing the Australian Adult Industry. An all-inclusive awards event covering all businesses and individuals associated with the Adult Industry, Australia wide.

In every facet of mainstream business, awards exist for excellence; many organizations validate themselves by these awards. Awards for business achievements are often used by companies in their marketing strategies to attract new customers. The aim of the Adult Industry Choice Awards is to establish legitimacy and increase the respect for the industry and its participants. Winners of the awards will be able to display their winning logo as ‘a badge of honor’ and as such has become a sought after prize.

The advantages to the industry as a whole include mainstream acceptance and the advantages to your business are many, including being recognized for your excellence in customer service. Whilst a business can say that they are the best in Australia, the Adult Industry Choice Awards will add value to such a claim and to your business. Simply by nominating an individual or business within the adult industry, you will help provide some well needed recognition to these parties.

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Disclaimer: The Adult Industry Choice Awards are not affiliated with or run in conjunction with the Australian Adult Industry Awards (AAIA) and/or Maxine Fensom.