Emma Bennett

I would like to nominate Emma Bennett for Best Brothel Manager/Receptionist.
As i sit to write this i begin to reflect on a time in my life when i felt all hope was lost. A 39 year old woman with a uni degree now flying to Mackay to work my first ever shift in a brothel..for me i felt i had truly hit rock bottom.
Nervous as hell and feeling like i was embarking on the worst decision of my life!
So pulling up in my taxi i was greeted at the doors by this bubbly little blonde with a smile as long as the great australian bite!!! She greeted me with the warmth and endearing welcome..” You must be the beautiful Annabelle ” kind of shy and still nervous i replied yes. I felt comfortable immediately and was drawn to Emmas genuine hospitality from the get go.
She made me feel at home and sensed my distress to which she subtly addressed by showing me around and introducing me to the girls i was living with 24/7 for the next 10 days. We talked like adults and she gave me the respect i was not expecting but sincerely appreciated. Within 48 hours of Emmas tutoring..i was ” Annabelle ” who she help create. When i struggled through a shift she sat me down and we talked..she actually cared about my state of mind and how i was mentally and physically coping in this new world of mine.
Since that day in 2009 i have worked off and on in many different establishments but at the end of the day i have always gone back to where Emma is managing . There has been NOTHING close to how we are treated on Emma’s watch. She is professional yet friendly and her main concern is her girls. We are not a dollar sign or commodity. .we are her employees who are treated fairly, kindly and just, in an industry that i have seen nothing more than girls being made feel cheap, worthless and broken. Emma has the standards i am yet to see elsewhere as well as taking the younger girls under her wing rather than pimping them out. .again..ive NEVER seen that anywhere else. Emma showed me the empowering side of this industry….not to feel less of a woman or weak but to hold the strength, carisma and determination it takes to be a successful Service Provider, a quality i only possess because i was looked after by a madam who was real and i owe my mental stability and worldly knowledge, in and out of the bedroom. This could have ended differently had i decided to make my debut in a different brothel.
Thankyou Emma..i have forfilled many dreams of mine with your support in an industry that can break you if your lacking guidence..none of which any of your girls will ever fall short of.
Emma was the catalyst for my ” fork in the road”..and i am still smiling and driven.