Foxy Trade

Foxy Trade is the NOT just another directory it’s a social hub, a support network for the adult industry. Foxy Trade brings all the trades together in one user friendly classy web site. It’s a website that can be marketed to the general public without being stigmatised as dirty. It is “the Google” “the Iselect” “the Linkedin” for the Adult Entertainment and trade service industry.

Foxy Trade was developed after being the best man three times. To organise a bucks part you had to before “Google” site after site calling trying to find a certain niche for the buck to then find someone completely different show up on the night of the party. One of the party’s I had to organise was at Airlie Beach QLD. This was impossible to organise entertainment for the night so it was a fail even after hours spent ringing and scrolling from site to site.

So why bring all the Trades together? After nights out in small towns around Australia. I have seen my mates walk a couple of Km’s to the servo to pick up the local paper and start at the top of the personals list and call till one answers. We all have smart phones yet why did we not use it.  There was no site that would locate the nearest escort.

Through searching I could not find such a unique and simular website as to the one I have created. I am a Diesel Mechanic by Trade and previously could hardly turn a computer on. Since this I have self-taught myself how to code, design and develop websites.  I am in the process of expanding and up grading Foxy Trade website.