Plus One Companions

Plus one companion’s was born after speaking to hundreds of business men and women regarding Business plus one event’s. It soon became clear that single or travelling executives felt uncomfortable when attending functions such as Office parties, Business Lunch’s, Group or couple events and even colleague events like weddings and dinner parties.

Most people interviewed admitted they would feel more comfortable if they could attend with someone to fill their “plus one” invite, with no strings attached! So we started to do some research to see if we could “rent a friend” for the evening and all we seemed to be able to find was Escort agencies offering sexual services that looked degrading and sleazy, certainly not the kind of people you want to meet your boss! No offence.

So we then began to dig a bit further into our investigation. The research we had carried out so far was aimed at single successful business people who just felt excluded in a sense for being single amongst their colleagues. So when we started to talk to Married or coupled business people, we were surprised at the feedback!  Some said that their partners had never even met their work colleagues because they were shy, not confident or always working when the functions were happening. Some said that partners would probably be happy if they knew a non sexual companion could fill their shoes for them for the event!  Sound familiar?

So this is how plus one companion’s came about. We offer non sexual companions for whatever event you need a friend for. With a clear understanding that the meeting is purely social for all involved. We want to be known and aim to be the best agency without being placed in the same category of other Escort and brothel services.