Samantha X Angels

Three words we hold true at Samantha X Angels are class, integrity and sophistication.

Having been an elite Sydney escort myself, I soon realized what was lacking in the adult services industry was honesty and integrity. Ladies are often misrepresented in photos leading to disappointment, and clients treated as dollar signs not individuals with individual needs.

And of course, the most important lesson I learn’t was that the escort industry was actually not about the act of sex. Compassion, an ability to talk and more importantly listen, and to exude a natural and genuine warmth is head and shoulders over the perfect thighs.

Gentlemen, meet my Angels, handpicked from hundreds of applicants and who I have coached and educated as to what makes a true courtesan. Most have never worked in the escort industry before and come from professional backgrounds from finance to teaching. You will meet Olivia, our youngest lady, and Cathryn, a grandmother with a naughty twinkle in her eye.

All of my Samantha X Angels ooze sensuality, warmth and the ability to make you feel at ease. And naturally, they genuinely love the company of men. I am in the business of empowering women, not exploiting them. My Angels feel they are living their dream now and their happiness radiates.

Lots of love

Samantha X