Splinter is an education facility, social club and BDSM venue for anyone and everyone interested in kink.

Founded in 2012 with the knowledge of kink lifestylers RednBlack and Kzinti, in 2015 Splinter has expanded to a new inner-city base with enough room to supply for our demand. It is now the only Melbourne venue dedicated to the pursuit of the BDSM lifestyle.

Splinter Skillshares is an enterprise of excellence in BDSM education, brought to you by experts in their field, as well as education. The acting director and manager RednBlack (PhD) has built her career in international education management for over 20 years. She has won many awards and presented seminars all over the globe. Splinter Skillshares combine her professional expertise with her passion for safe BDSM lifesyle and practice. BDSM is mostly practised as trial and error (a lot of error!), which can bring frustration and injury, but Splinter Skillshares cuts this ‘trial’ time down to a minimum and eliminates the ‘errors’ altogether.

Located in a very central location in Brunswick, Splinter sports a fully equipped dungeon – spread over two levels – with six rooms and a large main hall. The venue runs specialised events for both light and heavy players is drug, sex, and  alcohol-free, but any other erotic indulgence is welcome, wi . For those new to kink – or just curious – ‘Play Space’  allows you to let your hair down and enjoy decadent pleasures in full confidentiality, with Dungeon Masters ready to answer any and all questions.  Splinter also caters to the heavy and more experienced players, with ‘The Cell’, a night of no-holds-barred BDSM play where nothing is ‘too much’.

Splinter welcomes ALL genders and identities. Whether you are gay, bi, queer, man, woman, gender fluid, straight, mono, poly, Dom, sub, thinking about it or unsure, you will always find a welcoming home at Splinter.