Transplaymate Carmen

Winner Best Touring Escort Adult Awards 2014


(Excerpt taken from article written by Katharine from Gladman Boyle Media Australia)

Carmen is a most enchanting and engaging individual. Physically she is like a goddess- tall, blonde, extremely athletic, busty (and according to all sources well umm err equipped).  A self-identified transsexual born and raised in Melbourne from an upper middle class family she attended a very well known private school (she prefers not to name) has an Honours degree in literary and cultural theory a Graduate diploma as well as a Post-graduate Diploma in Psychology and is registered as a provisional psychologist. Not just a pretty face!

Most notably aside from her obvious sex appeal and long list of academic achievements is her wit which dryer than an AA meeting is so sharp and ironic she could easily make a career as a comic. When I suggest this she insists she may end up in trouble for her lack of political correctness. Possibly true but still extremely funny.

It would be impossible for her not draw admiring stares where ever she went but she insists she is actually very shy and hates crowds and loathes self promotion despite it being unavoidable for her work as an escort. (she hates the term ‘sex worker’). Her preference is for quality not quantity one on one engagement which suits her work both in terms of psychology and as an escort- insisting that you cannot be good in bed if you haven’t got a brain and you cannot teach someone how to be good in bed it’s like musical talent or good taste- you’ve either got it or you don’t- simple.